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president's letter | bonfire banter... Who Is Your Tribal Leader? B y B rian S abo USEA Board of Governors Katherine Cooper Tremaine Cooper Phyllis Dawson Matthew Fine Cathy Jones Forsberg Peter Gray Mark Hart Jonathan Holling Janet Horton Robert Kellerhouse Sarah Broussard Kelly Carol Kozlowski Leslie Law Louise Leslie Brenda Mittleider Marjorie Molloy Diane Pitts Brian Sabo Mary Schwentker Allison Springer Michael Winter USEA Officers President and Chairman of the Board: Brian Sabo Vice President, Active Athletes: Jonathan Holling Vice President, Admin & Finance: Michael Winter Vice President, Area Affairs: Louise Leslie Vice President, Competitions: Robert Kellerhouse Vice President, Education: Phyllis Dawson Vice President, Membership and Program Development: Mark Hart Vice President, Safety: Carol Kozlowski Secretary: Diane Pitts Treasurer: Michael Winter USEA Staff Members Chief Executive Officer Jo Whitehouse • Ext: 3006 • jo@useventing.com Senior Director of Administration Judy Ottoviani • Ext: 3004 • judy@useventing.com Senior Director of Competitions Sharon Gallagher • Ext: 3005 • sharon@useventing.com ABOVE: Brian Sabo circa 1959. FOLLOWING PAGE: Hilda Gurney circa 1966. photos courtesy brian sabo Director of Education/Advertising Nancy Knight • Ext: 3007 • nancy@useventing.com Many years ago some friends and I were sitting on the beach around a blazing bonfire at the Pebble Beach Three-Day Event competitor's party in California. We were talking about our equestrian "Family Trees." It became clear that most of the people at that particular event had emerged from only four or five eventing "families," and each family member could trace their roots back to a common source. Director of Information Systems Management Robert Winter • Ext: 3001 • robert@useventing.com M These very tribal associations powerful, and the were tribe members were proud of their lineage. In my tribe we were very aware of the ancestral lines we were competing against. I came from the Gurney tribe. Hilda Gurney (winner of the 1969 U.S. Open Advanced Classic Three-Day at Pebble Beach and later the team dressage bronze medal at the 1976 Olympics) was the chief of our tribe. We were very proud of her as she had bested in competition the East Coast tribal members Wofford, Plumb, and Phelps of the USET clan. Other tribes on California's field of play those days were the Humphries, Collins, and Postel/Tur- 4 EVENTING USA I ISSUE SIX | 2012 rill clans. These people were very famous (some still are) in the eventing culture of the day. Every Area in the United States can lay claim to its famous eventing ancestry from both past and present. We have seen eventing dynasties emerge and decline over and over again as a part of our long history. People admire the competitive success and applaud the medals won. We cheer the Young Riders coached, the clinics taught, and the knowledge passed on. However, this letter is not about any of these famous people. These admirable equestrians are not, in most cases, the "real" ancestral parents of the tribes that make up our sport. To find the real parents of our eques- Manager of Information Systems Jason Caldwell • Ext: 3002 • jason@useventing.com Staff Accountant Wendy Weinstein • Ext: 3006 • wendy@useventing.com Director of Member Services and Meetings Planner Jennifer Hardwick • Ext: 3003 • jennifer@useventing.com Contributing Editor Emily Daily • emily@useventing.com Multimedia Editor and Marketing Coordinator Josh Walker • Ext: 3008 • josh@useventing.com Desktop Publishing Specialist Hannah Bennett • Ext: 3012 • hbennett@useventing.com Administrative Assistant Lisa Rowe • Ext: 3010 • lisa@useventing.com Website Editor and Programs Manager Leslie Mintz • Ext. 3017 • leslie@useventing.com Assistant Editor Leslie Threlkeld • Ext. 3015 • lthrelkeld@useventing.com SQL Analyst/Junior Web Programmer Purnima Mandava • Ext. 3018 • purnima@useventing.com Business Systems Analyst Scott Morehouse • Ext. 3018 • scott@useventing.com

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